Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Warp ahead one week, Scotty...

In one week, I'll be 1000 miles away from the 9-5, (as well as the 5-12,) and all the stuff that passes for a boring existence up here. I'll be back in Sebring! This place, once you've gone there once, you really do have to keep going back. It's not Spring time, until Sebring. I didn't get it before I went, but I sure as hell get it now. Now, if only I had a small plane I could fly from here, and land at the track... (There's an airport right nextdoor, and Sebring itself is an old air base) Wouldn't that be cool?

Unfortunately, I can't take Mylia with me this time, so I'm bringing along an old friend from WAY way back in the day. In high school, this guy was the Beavis to my Butthead. We're still great friends, and the trip ought to be a blast. Tim and I haven't done a proper road trip since... Bush 41 was still in office. Damn, it's been a while. I wonder how he'll handle Friday night in the Green Park.

I'm packing my camera, though I don't know how much longer my old Elph is gonna' keep snapping. She seems to be more and more battery-hungry these days, and the expensive Li-Ion cells she takes ain't cheap. I've got one that works OK, and two cells that hold a charge when they feel like it. I'm probably gonna' get myself a new cam some day soon. Definitely staying close to the form factor of the Elph, though. Very concealable and easy to work with one hand. More optical zoom is all I really need. At least 4x would be great. I've got 2x right now.

I might not have to sleep in the Neon this time! After crashing in a very cramped car the last two Sebring trips, I'll have (hopefully) a friend there with an RV or a camper of some sort. Worst-case, I've got a tent. I think Tim's got one too. You can do lots of things in a Neon, but sleeping is not one of the things I'd recommend. My knees aged about ten years each night I slept in the car.

Anyway, I'll be posting here (and a few other places I write) so you'll get the scoop...

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