Thursday, March 16, 2006

Sebring notes, Wednesday.

The following post was written yesterday, March 15 at 1:40 PM. Before the internet connection here at the track bit the dust. It's back now, for... *zap* a few minutes...

I'm in Sebring now; got here early this morning. I've got a new assistant this time -- an old friend from high school who's never been to anything like this before. It's also the first time I've actually had a right-hand to help me out at Sebring, woo-hoo! I've got somebody to hold my drink!

For anyone who ever watches any races on SPEED, that fat shit Greg Creamer is even fatter sitting across the desk from me right now than he is on TV. I think Fox uses some kind of special lens or a trick camera to make him look thinner. The dude's a freakin' whale. With an attitude, too. Know what Oscar Wilde said about how it's unfair to be a monster without being a myth? Yes indeed.

And... I'm really tired. Drove from MD to Charlotte yesterday, which I can usually do standing on my head. Except, this was after a full day at work and some after-work nonsense to take care of. So, got up at 0600, but didn't get on the road until close to midnight -- and didn't pull up in Charlotte until 0630 the next morning. Wiped.

Got a brief nap, met up with my dad for lunch at Quaker Steak & Lube (cool place, really) for some good foodstuff, and eventually hit the highway last night around 1030 PM. Drove straight-through from Charlotte to Sebring, making only 3-4 stops for gas/restroom/tasty beverages. I expected it to take about 10 hours; it took 10:38 by my clock. Bah.

Neon finally turned over 170k. He's now due for an oil change, but it'll wait til he gets home. 10 year old econobox, still get appreciative smiles from the girls. Well done.

Dodge has a greatly increased presence here at the track this year. I wonder if they'll bother to tell anyone about it.

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