Thursday, October 05, 2006

Home, cold and wet...

(The downhill run into Turn 12, after Thursday's rain)

I am now back from Road Atlanta, and my latest article is posted at (link corrected to reflect permanent mirror link for the article - ajm). This was my fifth time covering Petit Le Mans, and my third with Mylia accompanying me. The trip gets to be more fun every year, as she and I both get the biggest kick in the world out of the road racing at the (decreasingly) rural circuit in Braselton, GA.

The article covered only about 60% of what I wanted to discuss this time around, but it was already approaching record length and I didn't want to stretch things out too far. Had I an extra day to edit the thing, I might've produced a more compact and concise report, but oh well.

The above photo is from the gallery I put together - at least one of the pictures (a Courage C65-Mazda (LMP2) at speed) is quite the money shot - so feel free to peruse the pics, as well as the AE article, and let me know what you think.

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